If disproportional use of force is against the “Laws of War”

If disproportional use of force is against the “Laws of War” — and I do believe Israel is guilty of this — using human shields (including children!) is also a violation of the “Laws of War.” And I do believe Hamas is guilty of this behavior. In this situation, what does the “Laws of War” actually mean? If one side violates the law and gets away with it, then the other side is compelled to violate the laws or accept annihilation (as the Hamas Charter clearly states is their end state for Israel.) Further, human shields when used effectively contribute to the numbers of causalities increasing the numbers from the use of force. Put civilians on building tops (whether notified as targets or not) and the number of casualties will be larger than if they were dispensed in the best shelters possible, even when not great structures. Without the Laws of War next can be the “Logic of the Gun” with combat outside any compassion and guided only by the instinct of survival. Morality is irrelevant and only firepower is the determinate of winning. Interesting, although Hamas uses the Logic of the Gun and feel unbound by any morality, it quickly appeals to the world that Israel has violated the Laws of War and there is acting immorally. This strategy has not worked for Hamas.

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