Only God knows the sort of useless entitlements some he

Only God knows the sort of useless entitlements some he-goats are starting to form these days …
You don’t know me before. I don’t know you from Adam. You came inbox and dropped a “hello”, I responded since it was harmless and it seemed you wanted to start an introductory line after the “how are you doing” that followed.
The next thing you did was demand a “where are you chatting from”!
You actually demand from a total stranger to know where they are chatting from with a tone of authority asserting an “I’m actually doing you a favour by volunteering to chat you up in the face place. Better grab the opportunity and respond as much as possible, else I’m moving to the next person who’s ready to play along”?! Why?! Because you feel you’re an ALMIGHTY male made with an advantage of owing a penis?
Seriously, you were lucky I was with the other half. I would have been very restless until I returned you to the pit of hell where you escaped from. And i kid you not! You would have realised too late that you ventured with the wrongest person this evening! Idiot!!


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