While we consider the nutritional benefits of food we consume

While we consider the nutritional benefits of food we consume, we generally think about the macro and micro nutrients ( *protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals*) they contain. One important component which we forget is the “Fiber” which has the ability to reduce absorbtion and digestion. Fibers are considered to be a type of complex carbohydrate which has the tendency to “subtract rather than add “, meaning fibers reduces the absorbtion of carbohydrates, which again manages the blood sugar and does not allow a insulin spike. Since insulin spike is considered as the main reason for obesity and diabetes, managing and manipulating insulin skilfully is absolutely important. We can’t forget that insulin is a transporter hormone which does indirectly promote muscular growth also . If we consider “Sugars” to be poison as high consumption can lead to fat gain and type 2 diabetes, than also keep in mind that it is not a coincidence that nature has packed this poison with “Fibers” which acts as a antidote. Most of the plant foods ( *carbohydrates* ) in their natural and “unrefined” state contains fibers. We are the one to “refine” them so that they taste better and look better for commercial use. Then why blame the carbohydrates? Follow a diet that has a practical approach and a diet which can be followed consistently by masses. Very low carb diets cannot be a lifestyle for everyone, again it’s the individuals choice which completely depends on many factors like age, physical activity, past and current lifestyle, metabolism, environmental conditions, medical conditions, profession, intensity of exercise, selected sport , target and financial condition. There could be many such factors which will affect what you choose rather then just looking at individualistic results. My choice of selection is a perfectly executed *”Carb Cycling diet”* which consists of selected carbohydrates loaded with fibers ( *Low to moderate GI foods* ) which gives satiety, loads the muscles with glycogen which gives a fuller appearance, maintains strenght and size and avoids unnecessary cravings , headache and fatigue. Give carbohydrates of the right quality and quantity and only when the body requires it, not necessary to load it when not needed. Add it with the right quality of protein and other micros , improve your insulin sensitivity through exercise for maximum muscular development and achieve a fuller look.

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