Bão sẽ tấn công Trung Quốc ngày 9

Bão sẽ tấn công Trung Quốc ngày 9-9.
Năm nay 80% các cơn bão sẽ tấn công trực tiếp vào Trung Quốc.
Từ năm 2015 đến nay các cơn bão lớn thường né tránh Việt Nam. Và từ nay về sau người Trung Quốc sẽ là quốc gia phải chịu bão nhiều nhất. Động đất nhiều nhất, và Thiên Thạch cũng sẽ chọn Trung Quốc là điểm rơi! Bởi Trung Quốc là quốc gia gieo gió!
Thần tiên muốn nhắc nhở người Trung Quốc rằng các ngươi sẽ phải trả giá đắt!
Trung Quốc sẽ phải tan rã thành nhiều quốc gia nhỏ, người Hán cũng phải trả giá vì sự chuyên quyền độc đoán và bành trướng của họ. Mọi chế độ độc tài trên thế giới sẽ sụp đổ. Chiến tranh lớn sắp nổ ra và Thượng Đế sẽ thiết lập lại trật tự thế giới.
Dear Chinese people who love peace ,
Vietnam and China are two countries, two peoples, two voices, two cultures, completely independent, autonomy and freedom.
We live on a long strip of land, have the same rainy season, bathed in the large Eastern Sea. The two countries have cultural and religious similarities, but each country has its own unique identities.
No country in the world has had ups and downs in relations like Vietnam and China!
Over two thousand years of history, we have witnessed many times the incident occurred. All were caused by the Chinese regime!
In those aggressive wars, the true right always belongs to Vietnam. And China is always a fool and a failure!
Every war, the blood people poured like the river, the dead people ranked like the mountain, such as Bach Dang River, Chi Lang, Dong Da mound … are the evidences can not be denied.
The loss, pain and separation of millions of people in the two countries, is a costly lesson for the values of life that the two peoples must look back to their own painful in the past.
The territory of the two countries has been clearly defined from the ancient times that General Ly Thuong Kiet wrote:
“Rivers and mountains of Nam country, Nam country’s kings live and govern.
It was the will of Heaven that defined clearly .
why do invaders come to invasion in Nam country?
They must be defeated completely right away !”
From Nam Quan to Ca Mau, from Hoang Sa to Phu Quoc is an inviolable territory of the Vietnamese people. That is recognized all over the world.
In 1974, when the Vietnamese people were working hard to unite the nation, the Chinese government, led by Chou Zhou Enlai and Chinese President Zhang Yeoh, wrote the report to Mao. Zedong on the capture of Hoang Sa of Vietnam! Mao Zedong ratified the agreement and gave Deng Xiaoping and Ye-Keng-yin personally commanded the invasion!
Immediately after the reunification of Vietnam on April 30, 1975, the Chinese authorities instigated the Khmer Rouge, attacked Phu Quoc Island on 4-5 May 1975 killing 500 Vietnamese civilians. It was the start of a campaign against the Vietnamese people, leading to a war on the southwestern border, forcing Vietnam to save the Cambodian people from the genocide of Pol Pot and Ieng Sary. In January 1979, when the People’s Liberation Army of Vietnam had just completed its international obligations with Cambodia, the Chinese authorities launched a war of aggression against Vietnam.
On February 17, 1979, the Chinese army massively attacked and ransacked along six border provinces of Vietnam. The Chinese authorities also scammed the people and the army when they propagated that they were going to Vietnam to rescue President Ho Chi Minh ?! And that is the fight “counterattack defenses” ?! that teach Vietnam a lesson ?! Try asking who was aggressive and attacking first then ?! The Vietnamese people once again stand up to defeat the Chinese military invasion.
In 1988, China took the advantages of the international situation fluctuating, when the Soviet Union stood before the signs of disintegration. China once again invaded the Gac Ma Island and some other Vietnamese islands.64 Vietnamese soldiers fought and sacrificed while defending the sovereignty of their homeland. Do you think the lowly Vietnamese general has ordered the military not to fire ?!
Since then, China has consistently made reefs and expanded its territory, although it is thousands of miles away from China.
Today, before the turmoil of the world, China is intensifying day and night to put pressure on its territory unreasonably, inhumanly, regardless of international law, regardless of any agreement. The agreement between China and Vietnam, China with Asian!
The Chinese have the saying, “Sell your brothers away from your neighbors,” but what the Chinese government and military are doing is against that statement!
On Septemper 2nd is the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the day President Ho Chi Minh read the declaration of independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. That custom has existed for 72 years, maybe the Chinese government does not know ?! So why the declaration of independence of Vietnam that the Chinese government for military exercises rumbling right in front of Ha Long Bay of Vietnam ?! Does Xi Jinping’s government deliberately upset the Vietnamese people with China? Or deliberately provoke the people of Vietnam ?!
-Try asking that in this world is there any country behaves towards “neighbor” like China?
– Try asking that in this world are the countries that are colonized and imposed territorial rights, thousands of years of freedom like Vietnam before China?
– Try asking that in this world have any countries bore as Vietnam before China?
– Asked if there is any government in the world to fight the martial arts right on the sea on the day of national independence?
All tolerance of the Vietnamese people is limited!
Our Vietnamese people love peace, grace, virtue, tolerance and altruism, but we do not give in to any invaders!
Since the establishment of the Hung King led the Van Lang tribes against the yoke of Chu Trang Vuong, established a mighty Van Lang country. Throughout the ten of dynasties, hundreds of Vietnamese kings and people steadily built up our country and kept the country united in glorious history.
What do today to let China impose, overwhelm, rob the island of Paracel and Spratly Islands of Vietnam, and also danced martial arts in front of the bay in the Independence Day!
The Bach Dang River with Ngo Quyen, Tran Hung Dao, Chi Lang with Le Loi, Nguyen Trai, Dong Da mound with Quang Trung Nguyen Hue, has still been writing epic poems, and will write heroes in the East sea.
With the loving peace of Chinese people, my friends, my neighbors have the vision and knowledge of the times. For the sake of righteousness, righteousness, together in the streets, protesting against the Chinese government and military, stop their aggression in the East Sea, to avoid a bloody war of bloodshed. , but the Chinese civilians and the Chinese soldiers suffered!
The territory of Vietnam, the Sea of Vietnam, surely the people of Vietnam will protect it with our own blood!
We do not want to have to write another epic in blood in the East Sea!
I believe that the Chinese people will see the reason, the love, and the right in this regard in the East Sea.
Thank you! thank the Chinese people!
Hanoi ,September 3rd,2017
Vietnamese citizen
Masters. Academic -Professor Luong Ngoc Huynh.
每次兵变就是血流成河,尸积如山。如白藤江,支棱隘, 栋多岗,这些都是无法否认的凭证。
随后的1975年4月30日,越南南北重新统一,中国政权怂恿红色高棉于1975年5月4日登陆炮轰富国岛,杀死五百越南平民。那成为了一个对越南征伐的开端,也让西南边陲陷入了战争。根据当时时局牵制,越南则需被迫拯救柬埔寨人民危机,从pon pot和leng sary的手上解救了即将灭种的柬埔寨人。1979年1月,当军队刚解放越南人民,越南也刚完成针对柬埔寨的国际任务,而此时的中国执政者正发动一场针对越南的战争。
1979年2月17日,中国军队呼喊冲锋登陆越南六省来进行征讨掠夺。执政者欺骗民众与军队,大肆宣传要到越南拯救胡志明主席的信息?!自称那是一场“自卫反击”的战争。这对越南来说,等同学习了一堂沉痛的课?!试问那时候谁已经有了仇恨而提前进攻? 越南人民又一次站起来打败了中国军队。
– 试问天下有哪一个政权,在别国的国庆之日在家门口展现武力?!


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